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Thermomix comes to stay

So, last week a fancy kitchen gadget came to live in the Food We Love kitchen, a Thermomix. I’m still on my L plates with it, but the few things that we’ve done with it have rocked our food loving world.

The posts of the food will come seperately, this post will focus on the gadget and it’s wonder!

I resisted for a long time, there will be readers who have been using this kitchen wonder machine for years, yes in this case I’m probably slow on the uptake. The Thermomix has been a staple piece of kitchen gadgetry in Europe for many, many years, whether it’s an old wives tale or not, I’m told that instead of a gift registry some people have a Thermomix registry. It’s an expensive investment, which is why I resisted for such a long time.

Once I saw it in action it became irresistible!

At the demonstration (Thermomix is only sold in Australia via direct sales through a Thermomix Consultant who will come to your home to demonstrate the product to you – with no obligation on you to purchase) the things I saw the machine do were enough for me to finally put my hand in my pocket (well in Shane’s pocket actually).

Oh the thinks you can think with this machine!

Suffice to say, over the weekend we (and by we I mean mostly SHANE, yes he actually cooked, and willingly!) have made 2 batches of whole wheat bread rolls, pumpkin soup, pikelets, vanilla bean custard and home made, 100% natural, preservative free butter. That’s just the tiny, little tip of the iceberg.

I’ll be posting on the Thermomix adventures along with photos, it’s going to completely change the way food happens in our household and I’m so looking forward to sharing with you via this blog, as well as in person for those of you who are close enough to home to enjoy the home made goodness!