Thermomix Bread Rolls

I’ve gone off bread, that’s to say, I’ve long been a low carb eater, so bread doesn’t feature very heavily in our collective diets here at FWL. More so, we’ve decided that bread in general is not worth our effort, unless it is amazing bread from an artisan baker at a Farmers’ Market.

Having said all of that, there is a time and a place, soft, white bread and freshly made butter and vegemite…mmm…my mouth waters just thinking about it.

So, we make our own bread, loaves and rolls, because we don’t make it to the Farmers’ Markets frequently enough, and sometimes bread is called for. We have a bread machine, have for many years and it’s something that Shane enjoys using, it’s a simple way for him to contribute to the household cooking. But, since we’ve had a Thermomix in our kitchen, breadmaking as taken a new and very simple course.

The dough that creates these rolls consists simply of flour, salt, water, yeast and olive oil, which I love. The recipe is in the Everyday Cookbook that comes with the Thermomix, it’s all mixed and kneaded within a few minutes and then left in a warm place to rise for about 20 minutes before cooking in an oven that requires NO preheating! I get between 8 and 10 rolls from a batch of dough, they are the perfect size for school lunches and dinner rolls. A batch of dough costs about $3.00 and that is using organic ingredients, so each roll is about 35 cents!

What I really don’t like about shop bought bread is the amount of sugar and salt and preservatives in it, I understand that not all bread is created equal and if you choose wisely you can find some great bakers!

But there are lots and lots of simple bread recipes floating around on the internet, so find a recipe that suits your requirements, and get to it!

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