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Excitedly packing for a road trip

It’s just two sleeps away, and the butterflies are building, a mixture of excitement and the usual worry about whether you’ve forgotten to pack something or book something, oh and checking every few hours to make sure the passports are where you remember putting them!

Talking about it with Shane the other night and we couldn’t decide whether this was the most exciting part of any adventure, the anticipation and the build up? Because as soon as you arrive then you start to think about how many sleeps is it until it all ends and you’re back at home doing all the normal, mundane things. Sad isn’t it, we’re already thinking about how long until it’s all over before it’s even begun!

Shane and I live to travel, we’ve got constantly itchy feet, we’ve normally always got a couple of holidays planned at the one time (so as soon as we get home we can start anticipating the next trip :0) I’m sure it’s healthy for our souls, but not so healthy for the bank balance. Thankfully our two little poppets (who really are not little at all) love traveling as much as we do and so they don’t mind being dragged along for the ride (the trip that is booked after this one is for China in May 2012, we’ll be away for Emilie’s 8th birthday and she has requested a Peking Duck dinner that night – I think we’ll manage that).

One of our favourite things about traveling, aside from the grand adventure is the eating opportunities. Always thinking about food our family, this trip we’ve got lots of restaurants already booked, and lots of food places on the bucket list to visit, including Mario Batali’s Otto in Vegas and a crabcake place in DC that was just recommended to us today by David Livingstone!

Can you tell I’m excited?

We’ve been counting down for months, but now the trusty iPhone countdown calculator tells me that it’s less than 10 days until we head off to the USA.

We like to be a bit spontaneous when we travel, but it’s still always nice to have a few things planned to do and eat. So we’ve made some dinner reservations and we’ve booked some tickets to events. There are lots of things on the “To Do, See & Eat List”.

Broadly speaking here’s our trip itinerary:

9.30am Friday 23 September depart Melbourne for Los Angeles

6.30am Friday 23 September arrive Los Angeles

10.55am Friday 23 September depart Los Angeles arrive Washington DC 7.00pm

(at this end of the trip the time zone differences mean that we have 48 hours of Friday 23 September! It also means a long 2 days of traveling before we hit a bed again on the east coast)

5 days in Washington DC

3.10pm Tuesday 27 September depart Washington DC arrive Orlando, Florida at 5.30pm

5 days in Orlando (Disney World, Universal Studios, Cape Canaveral)

2.15pm Sunday 2 October depart Orlando arrive New Orleans at 5.00pm

3 days in New Orleans

5.25pm Wednesday 5 October depart New Orleans arrive Las Vegas at 8.30pm

Saturday 8 October depart Las Vegas by car for road trip to Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce & Zion Canyons, Death Valley and Los Angeles

6 day road trip

Friday 14 October depart Los Angeles arrive Melbourne Sunday 26 October 9.20am (at this end of the trip we lose an entire day crossing the date line!)

There are lots more details yet to come, I’ll continue to add posts here and there as more is planned and done! I hope you enjoy traveling with us :0) We’re going to have a ball!