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Party Pies…but not a party in sight

Party Pies…but not a party in sight

Anything “bite sized” is a hit in our house, but party pies are a particular favourite.

According to Shane, the basic, frozen packet variety of party pie, round of course, are the best. I beg to differ, they are not my favourite with their mystery meat and gravy fillings!

So, making your own party pies is not difficult, you can really use any meat filling, it is normal for me to make them from left over roast meat and gravy, which I shred and mix with some small cubes of cooked potato and carrot.

I find that they’re super easy to form into greased muffin tins, just cut your puff pastry (you can use store bought or home made) into circles large enough to line the muffin tin with a small overhang and cut another smaller circle for the top.

Don’t overfill your pies and once you place and seal the top cut a small hole in the top for the steam to escape. I brush with an egg glaze, but butter or milk also works.

The ones pictured here were filled with left over roast beef, and they were delicious!