Our own home-made sausages…

I’d bought these collagen sausage casings a year ago, my Mum bought me the sausage stuffer and mincer attachment for the Kitchen Aid and it was on my list (ever growing) of things to try at home.

So, given I had her in my kitchen last week (she’s my sous) I decided it was sausage d-day.

There is no real recipe to follow, you could add any combination of flavours and use any type of meat, there are lots of websites and blogs around that cover sausage making, just do a Google search on home-made sausages and you’ll find them all.

I had free range pork in the fridge, so the meat content was decided, I added parsley, sage and rosemary from the garden and onion, garlic, salt and pepper to our list of ingredients.

The non-meat ingredients went into the bowl of the Thermomix and were blitzed for 10 seconds on top speed. The pork was part minced and part diced so it was easiest to just put it all through the Kitchen Aid mincer, which I did, and I added the herb mixture which assisted in getting all of the ingredients to come together.

Once it was all minced together I fried off a little patty of the mixture to check it for seasoning and flavour.

Then came the interesting part, the stuffing of the sausage casing.










It took a little bit to get the hang of it, and really it required two sets of hands, one set to push the meat through the machine and one set to hold the casing end and make sure that the stuffed casing was full enough. The collagen casings I think are great for an amateur because they are robust enough to not break when handled, I haven’t tried natural casings, but once I’ve had a bit more practice I will. It probably makes a difference to the finished product using the collagen, but I felt it was safer for me as a beginner. The collagen casings I bought online, again a Google search will provide you with many options for purchase, natural casings you can order from your local butcher.










The greatest selling point for me with being capable of making our own sausages is that my kids both love sausages, but I can’t stand that the shop bought ones are full of lots of ingredients I’d prefer not to feed them.

They are such a handy food to have in the fridge or freezer, a good weekend meal and easy to throw on the BBQ. The fact that I know exactly what is in my own sausages, no preservatives (other than salt), no fillers, no flour and I can fill them with herbs, spices and vegetables and even cheese (ooh yum now I’m thinking of chicken with oozy bits of brie).

As I said, there are no preservatives in my home-made sausages, so they are basically eat immediately little numbers, or they can be frozen.










We even tried twisting them like a butcher would…though I think we need a little more practice for that! In the end we decided to make a couple of regular size sausages which required us to tie the ends of the casing and one large sausage spiral.










I think they look quite lovely, and I’m pretty chuffed with the end result, they were delicious!

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