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Kate’s Journey through the Cook’s Companion

A friend of mine, Kate, has set herself a challenge – The Cook’s Companion Challenge, to cook her way through Stephanie Alexander’s “can’t live without it in your kitchen” tome. Kate is an amazing cook, I always remember dinner parties at her and Trevor’s place, the food was such a standout from BBQ’s to sit down dinners to birthday parties, she is fantastic, and obviously committed to adventure in the kitchen.

Kate proudly posted a couple of days ago that she was a 10th of the way through the book (for the purpose of the Challenge), and speaking with her at a friend’s wedding celebrations the other night she’s made things from gingerbread (the cakey version) to potted tongue!

I’ve bought the Cook’s Companion for many people for engagements, 21sts, housewarmings, it’s a great gift and I believe it is a kitchen essential. I’ve now added Stephanie’s Kitchen Garden Companion and her Kitchen Garden Cooking With Kids books to my must haves too.

Anyway, I urge you to take a look at Kate’s blog here, she’s cooking for her two boys and husband Trev, and she’s an inspiration.