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Hidden Vegetables, what’s not to love?

Hidden Vegetables, what’s not to love?

Thermomix Hidden Vegetable Sauce

At least once a week, this sauce of “vegetabley” goodness emanates from my Thermomix. It is a concoction, so there is never a recipe, just a theory that most vegetables work in it.

Thanks to the Thermomix, it takes no more than 10 minutes from beginning to end, all that is required is a rough chop of the veges, all of which come from the beautiful box of goodness that gets delivered each Tuesday by Organic Angels.

Today the ingredients of the sauce are mushrooms, carrots, onions, zucchinis and tomatoes. There is also some salt and pepper and EVOO.

Method is roughly chop whatever veges you like, add to Thermomix bowl, chop on speed 9 for as long as it takes (it’s a sauce for me so I chop it till it’s mush). Then cook on Varoma, speed 1, for 10 minutes. Then blitz until a complete puree (if you like, if you want the sauce to have more texture omit the blitzing stage).

Tonight the sauce is being used in a pasta bake and I’m adding chorizo and penne. Next week it might be the basis of soup, the week after I might add some mince and make it a bolognaise. Sometimes it includes wine (if there is an opened bottle left on the bench).

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