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DIY Baked Beans

Not that there is anything wrong with baked beans from a can, but the homemade variety are SO tasty, and whilst they don’t win any fast food awards, well worth the effort.

I used the recipe from Jamie’s America page 302 and adapted it slightly to suit the ingredients I had to hand, I won’t repeat it here, the book is worth buying, because it shows that America really isn’t all about burgers and fries and fast food.

You can buy dried beans in bulk at most supermarkets, I like to get them from bulk foods places like Terra Madre in Northcote or Source Foods in Camberwell. If you use dried beans you need to soak them overnight, however to speed up the process you can use pre-cooked tinned beans, of any unflavoured variety really.

There are over 80,000 results for homemade baked beans in a Google search, so find one that suits your pantry staples and your tastebuds!