Crumpets? Why yes thank you Thermomix

A leisurely breakfast/brunch is one of our favourite things to do as a family, whether it be by visiting one of our local haunts on a Sunday morning, or creating something at home.

Whilst we’ve been enjoying the last few weeks of the school holidays, J & E and I have been spending some time visiting the local cafes that are open over the holiday period. Our home suburb largely closes down for the holidays, it’s like a ghost town, but still some of our favourites are open.

We’ve been busy with summer activities swimming holiday program at Learn To Swim, dancing Summer Intensive with Miss Nichole and Mr Paul at EISOD, (I’ve been Mum’s Taxi) but still have had time to fit in lots of brunches and lunches.  I have loved having the two of them home with me…we’re coming up for week 8 of holidays, but we’ve loved every minute of it…to the point where I have briefly considered home schooling them!

So, I digress, we love breakfast and brunch.

So, any recipe that involves something we can eat for those meals is going to be a winner in our eyes. Thanks to the beautiful Thermomix cookbook by Dani Valent, In The Mix, today we had success with CRUMPETS.

I love crumpets, I slather them with butter and honey, in my mind it’s the only way to eat them :0)

I’m not going to give you the recipe here, the book is a must have if you are a Thermomix owner, contact Dani via her Facebook page or on Twitter to get yourself a copy, or contact your Thermomix Consultant who can help you.

A Thermomix is not essential to making crumpets, a quick Google search on crumpet recipes yields hundreds of options, having said that I love my Thermomix and would recommend it to anyone and everyone!

I reckoned that I used about $3.00 worth of organic ingredients and made 26 crumpets, so at roughly 12 cents per crumpet I’m impressed, they are delicious and beautiful, I’ll never buy shop bought crumpets again.

Here are the cooking crumpets…you need to use egg rings because the mixture is the consistency of pancake batter.











And here are the gorgeous, golden little finished products, all they are waiting for is to be burnished with butter and honey :0)











As I said, the mixture was enough to make 26…with the leftovers, well they can be placed between baking paper and bagged to be frozen, and then fabulously warmed straight from freezer in the toaster :0) Oohh crumpets for breakfast :0)


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    Hi Andrea! This was a fun read for me because the Crumpets was the first recipe I made from “in the mix”. I was so excited to make these, but soon realized I didn’t have those rings like you have. So I improvised using the lid rings from preserving jars… and the result was awesome! Isn’t Thermomix fun?! Thanks for this inspiring post, I’m sure you’ve encouraged more people to give crumpets a try 😉

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      Thanks so much for your message Helene, it was lovely to hear that you’ve tried the crumpets too…as I said we’ll never buy them from the shops again they were just so delicious! :0)

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