Anyone for afternoon tea?

We have a new, simple afternoon tea treat in our kitchen, custard filled Chocolate Eclairs. Yay!

I’ve made choux pastry before, the traditional way, arm getting a workout beating in the eggs, but resulting in a beautifully light, fluffy puff. I wasn’t convinced that the Thermomix could achieve the same light result, with it’s super mixing ability, I was happily surprised with the results. Fabulously, the Thermomix does all the work, all the cook has to do is add the ingredients and set the machine according to the recipe instructions (page 119 of the Everyday Cooking cookbook), completely fool proof! What results is perfectly mixed choux batter ready for the piping bag.






I fashioned some into eclair shapes and some into profiteroles, it really doesn’t matter to the end result, although if you’re planning on making a croquembouche then the profiterole shapes are what you want.





Here you can see the baking choux, they need about 25 minutes in the oven (just follow the recipe above for Thermomix users) to become fluffy and golden.

Then remove from the oven and let cool on baking racks.





This picture shows the eclair shapes and the profiterole shapes.

While the choux was baking I went about making the vanilla bean Creme Patissere (from page 155 of the Everyday Cooking cookbook), again followed the recipe to the letter, for the thicker consistency of custard (using 4 eggs and 50gm of cornflour). Letting the custard cool completely (about 20 minutes – at room temperature) before putting it into the piping bag and piping into each of the eclairs and profiteroles.

Next was the chocolate ganache topping, simply melted about 200gm of chocolate buttons and a dash of milk in the microwave for 30 seconds.

End result…..





Little puffs of deliciousness.


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