making connections through food

about us

Food We Love is the brainchild and constant work in progress of me, Andrea McKenna.

My passion from a young age has been food, I started preparing meals after school for my own busy, working single mum. Devouring my Grannie’s hand me down recipe books for ideas and inspiration. Always with a love of entertaining and feeding people, mostly in the early days family and friends.

It was not until I had the great fortune to become a full time stay at home mum that I really developed my love of food and of feeding people, and of entertaining, sometimes on a grand scale.

Food We Love is a culmination of what has for many years been a hobby that I love and the remarks from fabulous, business minded friends, that suggested to me that what I do could actually be a business! Who’d have thought.

Food We Love combines a passion for entertaining and food, with my desire to make a difference in society in a quiet and effortless way.

Food We Love is about connecting people through food.

People often remark at how fabulously I entertain and how it must take so much time and energy. Truth is yes, it does take time and energy, but it is something I love passionately and I do with love. That passion, coupled with organisational skills gleaned from years in communications and management means that running an event, no matter how big or small is a breeze.

Food We Love shares knowledge with people so that they too can host fabulous events, from the gala Christmas cocktail party to the most intimate dinner for two! There’s no need to fret or panic when it comes to entertaining, Food We Love can help you there.